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Poland breaks with NATO partners by vowing to send contender planes to Ukraine March 16, 2023

Poland on Thursday promised it would send four MiG-29 contender planes to Ukraine, the main NATO part to do as such, in a critical move in Kyiv's fight to oppose Russia's surge.President Andrzej Duda said the planes - from around twelve...

TikTok says US compromises boycott in the event that Chinese proprietors don't sell stakes March 16, 2023

Reuters, March 16, Washington - According to the firm, the Biden administration has asked that TikTok's Chinese owners sell their shares in the well-known video app or risk a potential ban in the United States.The action is the most...

US video shows second Russian warrior fly slams into US drone March 16, 2023

U.S. authorities have delivered video that shows a Russian Su-27 contender fly slamming into the propeller of a U.S. MQ-9 Harvester drone.Link to video: