US video shows second Russian warrior fly slams into US drone Published on March 16, 2023

U.S. authorities have delivered video that shows a Russian Su-27 contender fly slamming into the propeller of a U.S. MQ-9 Harvester drone.

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The video discharge by the U.S. military's European Order on Thursday came in the midst of a competition to get the brought down American airplane.

Russian boats are at the MQ-9 robot crash site in the Dark Ocean, a U.S. protection official told Fox News Thursday. Russia sent boats to look through the flotsam and jetsam field very quickly following the accident.

An alternate U.S. official isn't certain Russia will actually want to acquire any of the robot garbage.

This piece of the Dark Ocean is 4,000-5,000 feet down, Joint Heads of Staff Director General Imprint Milley said in a Wednesday Pentagon press preparation close by Protection Secretary Lloyd Austin. Milley said it has likely sank to some "critical profundities" as of now.

The U.S. military has no boats in the Dark Ocean. When gotten some information about U.S. recuperation endeavors, Milley said the U.S. has partners and accomplices in the area, yet later in the question and answer session told correspondents to not look a lot into that.

Safeguard Secretary Lloyd Austin summed up the occurrence Wednesday in a question and answer session, saying, "Two Russian planes unloaded fuel on an automated U.S. MQ-9 airplanes leading routine tasks in worldwide airspace. What's more, one Russian stream caught and hit our MQ-9 airplanes, bringing about an accident."

Austin strongly censured the Russian military for its activities, expressing that the Dark Ocean occurrence was "a piece of an example of forceful and dangerous and risky activities by Russian pilots in worldwide airspace."

Russia has recently rejected that the airplane contacted each other, and blamed the U.S. of superfluously heightening the issue.

Two U.S. military pilots, talking with Fox News, questioned the possibility that Russian planes might have unloaded fuel on the robot.

The pilots said any fuel the stream pilots might have been aiming to dump would "disintegrate immediately" when it hit the air. It could not have possibly impacted the robot or the flight.

Ukrainian authorities have guaranteed the supposed episode is Russia's endeavor to heighten U.S. contribution in the conflict.

"The episode with the American MQ-9 Collector UAV — incited by Russia over the Dark Ocean — is Putin's approach to flagging his status to grow the contention to include different gatherings," said Public safety and Safeguard Chamber Secretary Oleksiy Danilov. "The reason for this all-in strategy is to continuously be upping the ante."


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